Belden Arrested for Substantial Battery

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Eau Claire police say a call reported early Wednesday morning that 43 year-old Marcus Kleist was being beaten on Eau Claire's north side on Eddy Street. Officers checked the area but were unable to find him. Instead, Union Pacific Railroad personnel saw him laying on the railroad tracks nearby later that morning.

25-year-old Bobby Belden was arrested Wednesday afternoon for substantial battery.

"Investigators had done a lot of checking with some of the friends and neighbors up in that area and were able to put it together that Bobby Belden was responsible for the beating of Marcus Kleist," says Lt. John Arnette of ECPD.

As of Thursday afternoon, Kleist remains hospitalized at Luther hospitall. Arnett says kleist hasn't been able to communicate much with investigators due to the swelling in his face and head.

Investigators believe the beating stemmed from a past disagreement Kleist had with Belden's father. Belden is being held in Eau Claire County Jail pending his initial court appearance.