Schroeder Pleads Not Guilty

The two detectives who interviewed Russell Schroeder about the death of Seth Hammes were the only two witnesses at Thursday's preliminary hearing.
"He went up to the subject he'd realized he'd shot and stated he asked where he shot him and told him he'd call 9-1-1," Sullivan said
According to Sullivan's testimony, Schroeder stated he couldn't get a signal on his cell phone and said he'd go get help, but never did.
"He said he went home to put his 22 under his bed and went back to the birthday party," Sullivan said.
The major piece of evidence is a video tape that Seth Hammes was shooting at the time of the incident.
Detective Clayton Tester was the first detective at the scene and watched the video.
"The camera goes off and as soon as that image had come on you hear a shot," Tester said.
Tester said shortly after that... there's a second shot and a scream, followed by an image of what detectives believe to be Schroeder.
Even with the primary evidence and witness testimony focused on the video, Monroe County District Attorney Dan Cary decided not to show it in court Thursday.
"I didn't feel it was necessary to prove probable cause, that's something that will wait for the trial," Cary said.
Defense attorney Alan Beatty filed motions to dismiss parts of the criminal complaint, but was denied by the judge.
After the hearing, the arraignment was held with Schroeder pleading not guilty to both charges.
He is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on October 24th and a status conference on December 5th.