Ellison Family Reacts

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As the Ellison's tried to cope with the sudden loss of their son James, there initially were no clues as to why the murders happened.

But Sally and Carsten knew the investigators were determined and would keep working to find answers.

Then one Sunday morning in December of last year Hudson police called Sally and Carsten to tell them about Ryan Erickson, a Catholic priest that police considered a person of interest and who had just committed suicide.

Sally says there was no doubt in her mind Erickson murdered her son.

The judge confirmed her belief by ruling there was enough probable cause that Erickson was responsible for the murders.

Now that the case is closed Sally and Carsten say this isn't the end of it, because James is still gone and that's something they think about everyday.

When asked if they will seek legal action against the Catholic Church for covering up Erickson's troubling past, they say they aren't sure what they'll do, but they do want to stop this from happening again.