County Officials: Avoid Fines by Separating Your Recyclables

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Now that we're just days away from UW-Eau Claire's Homecoming and the celebrations that always come with it, County officials want you to keep recycling in mind as the week goes by.

Wisconsin's had a recycling law in effect for nearly 16 years, and in Eau Claire County, officials say they'll typically hand out about three or four citiations a year.

Still, the fines can be pretty steep for not separating your recyclables; in the neighborhood of $200 to $500 dollars if you're caught.

"Generally speaking, there isn't a good reason not to recycle," said County Planner Jon Tulman.

"Ignorance is not a good excuse in this case."

Officials say recycling conserves landfill space, natural resources, and limits pollution.

For information on Eau Claire County's Recycling Ordinance, there's a student guide at or you can call the county at 715-839-6190 during the week