Brainstorming Deer-Vehicle Crashes

This week in Madison an international panel is addressing the problem of deer-vehicle crashes.

Almost 20,000 deer crashes were reported to police in Wisconsin last year. That's an average rate of about 55 crashes every day. And, this figure may by considerably underestimated because 48,000 carcasses were removed from Wisconsin highways during 2004.

Sgt. Jerry Voight, from the Wisconsin state patrol, says sometimes the best decision to make is to just hit the deer. This is because, if you swerve too abruptly, you could strike another vehicle or object, or even roll your vehicle, putting yourself at greater risk.

If you are unfortunate enough to hit a deer, Voight says to stop the car, DON'T go over by the deer, and call for help.
October and November are the worse two months for deer-vehicle crashes, primarily due to the rut.