Wisconsin Seniors Warned About Scam Artists Selling Medicare D Plans

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State consumer protection specialists say scam artists are taking advantage of confusion over the new Medicare-Part D prescription drug program.

Consumer protection spokesman Glen Loyd says his office has gotten calls from seniors who've lost several hundred dollars after enrolling in phony prescription drug programs.

Loyd says it doesn't cost anything to enroll in the real program. Enrollment doesn't start until November 15th and runs through May 15th. He says people can get more information about the new program through A-A-R-P and senior citizen programs.

Medicare recipients will likely be inundated with pitches from health plans offering the long awaited Medicare-Part D drug benefit that takes effect in January. Insurers are jumping in, even though the program's profitability is in dispute.

The array of choices is dizzying. Banc of America Securities says insurers are offering about 40 prescription plans per state with premiums ranging from about $2.00 to $105.00 a month.