"Bus Should Not Have Been Used": Investigation Into Fatal Bus-Truck Crash

Federal investigators say a bus carrying high school band students that crashed, killing five people, shouldn't have been used.

David Rayburn of the National Transportation Safety Board says the largest brakes on the bus were seriously out of adjustment.

The bus was involved in a crash October 16th when it rammed into an overturned semi trailer that had jackknifed on Interstate 94 near Osseo.

But Rayburn says it's not clear what role the brakes played in the crash because there were no skid marks.

Earlier, investigators said the semi's driver, Michael John Kozlowski, was driving with a suspended license after failing to pay for a speeding ticket in Indiana.

Band director Douglas Greenhalgh, his wife Therese, and their 11-year-old granddaughter Morgan died in the crash. Also killed were 78-year-old bus driver Paul Rasmus and student teacher Brandon Atherton, a student teacher from UW-Eau Claire.