Priest Accused In Hudson Double Homicide Said He Didn't Know Who The Murderer Was

Wisconsin priest who was judged to have likely killed two funeral home workers told investigators he had "no idea" who the killer was just days before he hanged himself.

According newly released police records, the Reverend Ryan Erickson told two detectives from the Hudson Police Department in his second interview with them about the 2002 killings that he understood Dan O'Connell was shot at his desk and James Ellison was shot in a doorway.

Thirty-nine-year-old O'Connell was the funeral home director. Twenty-two-year-old Ellison was an employee there.

Asked how he knew those details, the priest said he knew from the media and office talk, but he was "not exactly positive."

Police have said those details had not been released publicly and made them more suspicious about Erickson as a suspect in the killings.

Erickson hanged himself on December 19th.

St. Croix (KROY) County District Attorney Eric Johnson says evidence suggested O'Connell had found out that the priest was sexually abusing someone, was providing alcohol to minors, or both.