Pets Radio

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There are a number of radio stations broadcasting over the internet, but now a new radio audience is being targeted by a man in California: pets. has been broadcasting since this summer and has had more than 300,000 people tune in.

The director of the Eau Claire County Humane Association says they play local radio stations for their animals. With all the new sounds and smells of being at the shelter, animals can become stressed, but Lauren Evans says soft music can be soothing.

"The ones that have certain behavioral problems or that are recovering from some sort of an injury, I think those are the ones that benefit from the music the most because they are even more stressed out than the typical dog or cat that we see at the shelter," says Evans.

Dodie Manor, an area behavioral consultant, recommends people leave the radio on for pets at home while owners are gone, especially if the animals suffer from separation anxiety.