Charges Forthcoming In Disappearence Of Photographer

A special prosecutor says he plans to charge a man wrongly convicted of rape 20 years ago with killing a photographer.

It was D-N-A evidence that freed Steven Avery two years ago on the rape charge. And, its D-N-A that led the prosecutor to prepare homicide charges against Avery.

Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz says Avery's blood was found inside Teresa Halbach's vehicle which was discovered hidden at the Avery family junk yard. And, Kratz says Avery's D-N-A was found on the ignition key to her car.

Avery has denied involvement in Halbach's death.

Halbach of St. John was last seen October 31st when she traveled to the Avery salvage yard to take photos for an auto trader magazine.

Kratz says witnesses have place Avery and Halbach together and that Avery was the last person to have contact with her.

Investigators have recovered human remains from the Avery property. A search warrant filed today says detectives found what appears to be blood in Steven Avery's house trailer and garage.

Avery was released from prison about two years ago after D-N-A from another man was linked to the sexual assault Avery had been convicted of.