Families Of Hudson Funeral Home Slayings Hope For Church Reforms

Families of two people killed at a Hudson funeral home have traveled to Washington to call on the Catholic Church to reform its disciplinary practices.

The families say they expect to ask that bishops disclose more information about alleged abusers and their misdeeds.

Reverend Ryan Erickson is believed to have shot and killed Dan O'Connell and James Ellison in February 2003 at O'Connell's funeral home. Erickson hanged himself last December.

Tom O'Connell is Dan's father. He says the church knew Erickson had a history of child molestation yet did not defrock him or otherwise discipline him.

The president of the nation's Roman Catholic bishops addressed priests in Washington Monday.

Bishop William Skylstad told them that they are "required by law and in conscience to respond and take necessary action where abuse is admitted or established."