Gabler to Retire, Cherish "Literacy Miracles"

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You wouldn't know it just by looking, but being a tutor with the Literacy Volunteers of the Chippewa Valley is part of what makes Jenny Chen a miracle worker.

"I can relate myself to them and will share how difficult it was for me."

About 15 years ago, Jenny came to the Eau Claire area from Taiwan.

"A new culture, a totally different life."

Her uncle owned what was then the Mandarin Club, where she bussed tables and washed dishes at age 10.

"My uncle had a lot of relatives working all together and we just didn't have much exposure to english."

That is, until literacy volunteers started helping out.

"People that get involved in literacy believe in the mission of helping people improve their reading, writing and speaking," said Executive Director Carol Gabler.

Jenny was right in line with that mission.

She and her family soon learned enough english to live and work on their own, but true miracle workers are never satisfied with just getting by.

"We have students that have been in school, they've gotten a high school diploma, but they still need more," Gabler said.

Jenny eventually graduated from UW-Eau Claire.

She expects to earn her Masters in Education next summer, with the nautral emphasis on teaching English as a Second Language.

"I think i'm ready to get out into the world and help." would be expected of any miracle worker, even a student who never gave up until she became a teacher.