State Representative Proposes Tipping Fee Raise

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According to state representatives, out of state waste dumped in Wisconsin increased 46-percent last year.
In an attempt to reduce that number, a Wisconsin state representative is proposing a bill that would raise tipping fees from $3 to $10 per ton on waste.
The bill proposed by Madison State Representative Spencer Black would raise tipping fees more than 300-percent to try and deter out of state agencies from using Wisconsin as what he describes as their dumping ground.
The fee would still be lower than Minnesota's and below average nationwide, but Black said the proposed increase is the proper amount.
"Based on a mathematical model to remove an incentive to dump in Wisconsin and enough to cover the state's recycling fee so it makes sense," Rep. Black said.
The raise would add $48 million to the state's recycling fund, but that money has not always been used for it's original intent.
Leading Chippewa Falls Representative Terry Moulton to propose an amendment to the bill.
"It's commendable we're doing something about out of state dumping, but I'd rather see the money go to property owners rather than a slush fund in Madison that gets raided for many other uses," Rep. Moulton said.
The use of the raised fee as a deterent sounds like a good idea, but Sevenmile Creek Landfill General Manager Mark Vinall says the fee hurts more than it helps.
"Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, Steven's Point will all have to pay for this. It's important here and the southern part of the state, but not to the rest of wisconsin," Vinall said.
Vinall says less than 20 percent of the Sevenmile Creek Landfill's total waste from last year was from out of state.