"666-KEN" License Plate Sent to Ken Hasenmueller

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When Altoona High School teacher Ken Hasenmueller ordered plates for a used car he bought for his daughter, he didn't think it would make him target of friends and family teasing.

Last week, Hasenmueller received a random combination license plate from the state labelled "666-KEN." His students say he should keep it, but hasenmueller is planning to turn it in, to keep his family from teasing him about being "hellish" to live with.
"Actually, my first reaction was kind of slow. I didn't really get it," says Ken Hasenmueller. "My daughter caught it right away and she took it to church, 'cause we got it last Wednesday night. She got it, took it to church to show people and they all thought it was a vanity plate or a gag gift or something like that."

The regional supervisor for the Department of Motor Vehicles estimates that of the $40,000 random combination plates processed through Eau Claire, less than half a dozen are returned with complaints.