Budget Passes Amid Skepticism

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Although City Council members in Eau Claire passed their annual budget resolution during a meeting Tuesday night, the fine print within the document isn't going over so well with some of them.

Council Member Dave Duax, who voted against the proposal, calls it about as fair as it's going to get right now.

It's the delay in dealing with big-ticket items like longevity pay and mileage that concern him.

"Eau Claire has a bright future, but we could be in some financially difficult straits if we don't take some actions now."

"The majority of those issues are contractual issues," said Council President Dave Adler, "So no matter whether we passed a resolution last night committing the council to look at the issue is really somewhat irrelevant."

The resolution includes cutting about five full time positions and charging an extra nine dollars in property taxes to the owner of a $125,000 home next year.