Ameriental Robbery Sentences

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Three men involved in the robbery of an Asian grocery store were sentenced Friday in Eau Claire county court, including the man responsible for shooting the store clerk.

22-year-old Yatau Her of California, was the shooter in last February's robbery and Friday he was sentenced to 24 years in prison with 15 years probation.
According to officials he shot the co-owner of the store three times in the back and left her to die, but she survived.

Two other men 19-year-old Al Xiong of Eau Claire and 15-year-old Porye Xiong helped plan the robbery and were also in court for sentencing.
Al Xiong was sentenced to one year in jail and 15 years probation, while Porye Xiong was sentenced to three years in prison and 12 years probation.

Porye, who was a close family friend of the victims, received the stiffer punishment because this was the second time he had robbed the Ameriental Food Store.

District Attorney Rich White says he is satisfied with all of the sentences.

All but one person involved in the robbery have now been sentenced.

18-year-old Fong Vang was convicted Thursday of attempted first-degree intentional homicide following a two day trial.

His sentencing date has not been set.