'Time Capsule' Found Near Building's Cornerstone

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In 32 years of working construction, Richard Saas says he's never had an experience quite like the one that's stuck in his mind from November tenth.

He and his crew were working toward the eventual demolishion of a building that housed a dorm for nursing students for about 40 years, but had to preserve the cornerstone.

"We put a couple guys on the deal. We had to chisel the brick so we didn't destroy it."

"Typically older buildings-when you see a cornerstone, a lot of them to have time capsules in em," Olson said.

Even before they removed the cornerstone, the workers could see the box sticking out of the side of it.

It's welded shut on one side, a different color, and if you shake it around, you can tell something's inside.

"It almost feels like newspaper," Saas said.

"I guess we'll hope to find money," said Olson, "But I doubt we'll find that!"

Nobody will find out for sure for more than six weeks.

"We want to make sure the nursing alumni who have served this hospital well for many years have a chance to be there," Olson said.

There's a good chance that when the box is opened on January fourth, a construction supervisor with 32 years under his belt will be on hand to get a first look.

"I'm as anxious to see it as anybody else!"