Gay Marriage Ban

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One of the divisive issues of last year's election was gay marriage.

Right now, 19 states have constitutional bans in place, and Wisconsin's legislature is gathering support to bring the issue to the ballot next year.

An area gay-rights ally says the language of the amendment is harsh, and wouldn't recognize civil unions or domestic partnerships.

"It's almost like people are looking for someone to blame for what's happening with marriage and blaming the gay community doesn't make any sense," says Nancy Wesenberg. "They haven't had this priviledge before."

"It was thrust upon us by a ruling in a court decision from another state so it isn't something we sought out. It's something we felt like we needed to clarify like many other states have already done," says Rep. Rob Kreibich.

The legislature had passed a bill to restrict marriage to one man and one woman in 2003, but it was vetoed by Gov. Doyle who deemed it unnecessary.

The amendment is expected to be on the ballot next November.