2 Eau Claire men die in separate crashes with deer

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP, WEAU) -- Over the holiday weekend, two people were killed in crashes with deer, one while riding a motorcycle.

The Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department said that crash happened around 9:30 on Sunday night on Deerfield Road, south of Eau Claire.

The man was identified as 69-year-old James Tweet of rural Eau Claire.

Deputies say he was headed west when he hit the deer and was thrown from his motorcycle.

In a separate crash Monday, 54-year old David Running of Eau Claire died as a passenger, after a car hit a deer that smashed through the windshield.

Staff at Trubilt Collision in Eau Claire said deer crashes are keeping them busy, causing about seven cars to be in need of repair Tuesday.

“We're getting a lot of bad ones, this one is in the $14,000 range, that one is in the $7,000 And we had two more come in this morning from the weekend,” Trubilt owner Jerry Salter said.

Salter said he was close friends with David Running, who died in Jefferson County Monday.

DNR wildlife biologist Bill Hogseth said this is a dangerous time for deer and drivers.

“There's a lot of fawning activity where you'll see babies with their mothers, nursing and things like that,” Hogseth said. “The one-year-old deer, especially the males, are being kicked out by the maternal does. They are having to go and start moving and finding a new place to live, finding a new home.”

The state Department of Transportation said ten deadly crashes involving deer happen in the state on average each year.