2 warrant arrests pick up 3 others stopping by on meth charges

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EAU CLAIRE, Wisc. (WEAU) - A search warrant found more than expected, surprising an Eau Claire neighborhood. Five people were arrested for meth-related charges Friday on Ripley Avenue.

Eight officers came to this home on the 600 block looking for Neng Vang and his wife, Joua Lor, who have active warrants.

"Officers were able to use their investigative skills and abilities to essentially take multiple people off the street that had possession, and were intending to sell drugs," Eau Claire community relations officer Kyle Roder said.

During the search, police said they found meth with an intent to sell on both Vang and Lor, but more arrests and more drugs rolled in.

"People who are up to no good and are committing crimes, hang out with other people who are up to no good and committing crimes," Roder said.

Chu Vang, 41, pulled in to a parking lot behind the house, where police said they found that he and his wife Diana Xiong also had meth with intent to sell.

Then another car pulled in, and Angel Zien, who also had a warrant was found with a meth pipe, according to court records.

Following the arrests, neighbors with kids offered opposing views on how they see the area.

"I'd just like to get out of the neighborhood, I don't want to live around here anymore," Christopher Fetzer, who lives near the home said.

"It's scary, you don't really want to find out that it's going on in your neighborhood, but at the same time, I don't feel any less safe where we are, it's a great neighborhood. We love living here," Erin Bosse, who also lives nearby said.

Lor and Neng Vang were ordered to pay $1,000 cash bonds to be released and could face more than 12 years in prison if convicted.