Pellets For Heat

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You've heard about wood stoves, or stoves that use gas or electricity,
but, what about pellet stoves.
If you haven't heard about them soon will.

The pellet stove has just become popular around here;
but, actually it has been around for about 15 years.
As a matter of fact, stores all over the region are sold out of them, and have waiting lists months long to get them.

The stove burns wood pellets..made out of hardwood trees.
The pellets are sold in 40-pound bags and run about three dollars a bag.
Each bag will heat about a 2-thousand square foot area for about 12 hours.

Jeff Arndt, Fireside Hearth and Home - "I don't think it's a fade..once people start using pellets they'll continue to use pellets once they find out how convenient they are."

Since last year..the pellet stove industry has seen a 6-hundred percent increase in profit.