Millions Traveling this Weekend

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Highways, airports and train stations will be busy places today, as Americans head to Thanksgiving get-togethers.
A spokesman for AAA says more than 37 million people will be traveling over the holiday weekend, undeterred by more expensive gas, rental cars and hotel rooms.
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, meanwhile, is hoping to help you out by "pulling back the barrels" on as many highway construction projects as possible.
The State Patrol is also putting out extra forces.
They'll be making their usual routes on freeways, and will also increase patrols on rural roads.
State Patrol officials say not only will the holiday have more people on rural roads, but the deer hunting season will as well.
Officials want to stress that people should take their time driving since speed is the number one cause of crashes.
"Some people think if speed limit is 65, people can drive 65 in all weather conditions and that's not the case if you have fog or snow you have to slow down," said Sgt. Jerry Voight.
Officials say they'll also be on the lookout for people not wearing their seat belts.