Eau Claire Travel Shop Offers Deal on E85

The Eau Claire Travel Shop, located at 2232 Otter Rd across from Draganetti's Ristorante, has a bargain for those of you who need to fuel up before hitting the road.

The gas station is celebrating their grand opening at noon today by promoting an alternative fuel.

E-85 is available for 85 cents a gallon until 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.

The fuel is mostly ethanol and originates right here in Western Wisconsin.

"We're excited to be able to market a fuel locally that's produced locally at the ethanol plant in Stanley," said Steve Millen of the Travel Shop. "The product that's used to produce it-the corn is grown by the farmers in this area."

Before you gas up however you'll want to be sure your car can take the ethanol based fuel. Check for a label in your gas cap or stop by the Eau Claire Travel Shop to see if your car is listed as E85 compatible.
You can also check for vehicle compatibility on www.ve85.com.