Turkey Temperature

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Knowing how to cook a turkey isn't something all you seasoned professionals have to worry about...
but, here's a few pointers for you rookies out there.

Kathy Hanson, of Hansons Fireside Restaurant says you should thoroughly rinse out the inside of the turkey before cooking....
and, a 16-pound turkey will take about 3 and a half hours to cook.
she also says knowing when the turkey is done is rather easy.

Kathy Hanson - "The easiest way is to take the leg and move it. If it moves freely, like it's going to fall off...it's finished. If you use a meat thermometer you should insert it between the leg and the biggest part of the breast, and that should read 165 degrees. If you put it right into the breast, it should read 180 degrees."

Hanson also says a hearty chardonney, or full bodied red wine will add to your thanksgiving meal.