Durand Soldiers Spend Thanksgiving with Family

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It has only been three weeks since Tom Weiss has been home and he already has a lot to do.
"Just catching up on life. I mean with friends, hanging out, the partying. Everything," said Tom Weiss.
Tom served as convoy security in Iraq where he escorted soldiers back and forth to get supplies. His brother, Paul, served alongside him, which made it easier for Tom to deal with stresses of the war.
"Just to have him there being like 'hey' you know. To talk to him about it instead of talking to somebody that you just met, that just made it a lot easier."
Tom and Paul arrived to Wisconsin on October 31st. They were among some of the final soldiers from the Wisconsin Army National Guard 128th Infantry to come home.
After 18 months of communicating over the internet and telephone, Tom and Paul's homecoming was a relief to his family.
"You've got that feeling of anticipation, but you never rest easy until you actually physically see them. The day was really foggy and all of a sudden the plane just submerged out of the sky. So, that was a relief to finally see it coming," said Tom's father, Mark Weiss.
Tom's father says that this Thanksgiving holiday brings about a year of reflection for his family and he is thankful to be able to have his family together once again. He is proud of Tom and Paul's accomplishment and looks forward to the little every day things he has not been able to do for more than a year.
"One nice thing is now that they are home, I can pick up the phone and call them any time I want."
Now that Tom is home, he has a lot of time to think about what he wants to do with his future. For now, he has some remaining details to plan in his wedding, which is set for next September.