Cookbook Benefits Cancer Research

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The kitchen is like a second home to Judith Kletzien.
"I love cooking. I love to be in the kitchen. From creating an appetizer all the way to dessert," said Judith Kletzien.
It's no surprise that a cookbook would eventually surface from this passion for cooking. It all started when Judith?s daughters wanted to learn how to cook. It didn't take long for other family members and friends to catch on. Soon after, "Recipes from My Family to Yours" was published.
"This book is dear to my heart because it comes from my mother and grandmother; the roots that we grew up with."
Judith's sister is proud of her sister's accomplishment.
"It brought tears to my eyes because it's such a special tribute to not only my parents, but to my sister because she's done such a great job at creating such a cookbook," said Nancy Helgerson.
The cookbook is comprised of family recipes that are illustrated with family photos and short stories. The book also serves another purpose for the Chippewa Falls native, which is to educate women on women's health care.
All the proceeds from the sales of her cookbook go to breast cancer research.Judith's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was able to recover. However, she later on developed uterine cancer and passed away 20 years later.
"A lot of women go through this battle of breast cancer and getting different types. So her primary was breast cancer and that is why I want to make sure the proceeds go to fund this, "said Judith.
Five hundred copies of the book were published in August and only about 80 are left. Judith hopes to revise the cook book by adding more recipes that friends and family have asked for.
If you would like a copy of the book, you can email Judith at You can also call her sister, Nancy, at 595-4042. All proceeds go to organizations that fund breast cancer research.