Snowblower Safety Tips

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A big market here in Wisconsin is always snow removal.
While sales of snowblowers have been steady, a lot of people tend to wait until the first big snow to buy their blower.
Todd Bruchert, a sales rep from Kohel, says some people have been improvising and using non-conventional ways to get the snow off their driveways, such as hand-held leaf blowers for these first light snows.
Either way, he warns the most important thing to remember is to use common sense while operating power equipment.
"We recommend that you be a little bit careful. Make sure of your surroundings before you blow the snow. Make sure kids are in the house, those types of things," Bruchert says.
Bruchert also suggests turning the blower off before trying to remove any clogged up snow and waiting until the snow stops falling to clear off your property.