Group asks for Background Checks on Private Gun Sales

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In 2003, two young men were shot and killed along with one other person outside a bar in Milwaukee.
Through an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms report, the mothers of the two grown men found out the gun was sold by the registered owner to the felon who killed their sons.
Since that time, Debra Fifer and Marna Winbush talked to state and local legislators about getting a law on the books to require background checks on private gun sales.
State Senator Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee introduced the bill to the legislature in April and is still waiting for a hearing on the issue from the Judiciary, Corrections and Privacy Committee headed by Senator Dave Zien.
"We want people to understand we're not trying to take away responsible gun owners right to have a gun. We just want people to be accountable for their actions," said Mothers Against Gun Violence member Marna Winbush.
Both city and county officials in Milwaukee have passed laws on background checks since the mothers began their campaign.
Senator Zien could not be reached for comment.