UW Eau Claire suspends Bible Policy rules

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After weeks of debate and scrutiny over a dorm Bible study policy, UW Eau Claire is suspending its practice of placing restrictions on resident assistants.
Previously, R.A.'s could not hold Bible studies in their dorm rooms.
The rules will be suspended until the UW System examines the roles and activities of R.A.'s.
Each school will have a representative that will report to UW System President Kevin Reilly on the practices of R.A.'s at their university.
UW Eau Claire Interim Chancellor Vicki Lord Larson says Chuck Majors will be the rep from Eau Claire.
Reports and recommendations are due to Reilly by January 6th
Larson says inconsistencies with the policy led to this decision.
"Because the rules are not written down but rather disseminated orally, I felt that at this point the rules should be suspended until we had an opportunity working in conjunction with UW System," Larson said.
State Representative Rob Kreibich says this is 'the right move' by the UW Eau Claire and gives more relevance to the legislative hearing that will be held on the issue on December 13th.