Legislature Proposes Ban on Teens Using Cell Phones While Driving

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For a young driver, distractions are plentiful when in the car, especially a cell phone. That is why republican representative, Jerry Petrowski of Wausau, is proposing a bill that would ban teenagers from using cell phones while driving.
"When young people are learning how to drive and honing their skills to become really good drivers, it's not good to have them be distracted by talking on the cell phone and things like that," said Jerry Petrowski.
"It's create a habit,I think, for teenagers who haven't started driving yet. So, when they do start driving, they wouldn't have the habit of talking on the phone" said Emily Smith, a driving student.
The proposed ban would apply to drivers under the age of 18 who have an instruction permit or are within the first nine months of holding a probationary license.
One driving instructor thinks the ban would mark a step towards helping the newer drivers avoid accidents, but he isnt sure how the law would be enforced.
"I think it's a law that puts too much stress on our law enforcement agencies. I think it adds some confusion to our young drivers. And I would like to see them look at different way before they go ahead and pass that bill," said Marty Fadness, owner of the Safety and Respect Driving School.
Those who are opposed to the bill claim having a cell phone in the car is necessary for emergencies and should be used under the right conditions.
Driving instructors tell their students that the safest way to make a phone call while driving is to pull over at the nearest parking lot or exit ramp to prevent any accidents from happening.
The ban would fine, those who are caught talking while driving, $50 for the first offense and $100 for subsequent offenses.
For supporters, the proposal is meant to be an educational tool for young drivers.