Tomah Marine Killed in Iraq

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In the halls of Tomah High School, Andy Stevens was known to always have a smile on his face.
"He hung around everybody. He was friends with jocks. He was friends with other kids in school,? said Eric Eswein, Stevens' former track coach.
Stevens graduated from Tomah High School in 1995 where he was a member of the choir and a dedicated pole vaulter.
He entered the marines shortly after graduation, but would always come back when he was on leave from the service to help young athletes with what he did best.
"He just stopped by one day and said, 'coach, is it okay if I vault with the guys?' And I said 'sure, come on over.' So he just stopped over, jumped the fence, came running in, grabbed a pole and started vaulting again."
Stevens was on foot patrol when he was killed along with nine fellow marines near Fallujah, the deadliest attack against American troops in four months.
Stevens is the second soldier from Monroe County killed in combat in the last two weeks.
According to Major George Williams of the Marine Reserve Unit in Madison, Sergeant Andy Stevens' family is currently in the process of making funeral arrangements.