Sacred Heart Hospital Seeks to Improve Health and Wellness of the Chippewa Valley

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Becky Schultz hears the concerns people have over their health care, such as the cost and convenience of care. As the organizational learning and development director at Sacred Heart Hospital, she is the face behind the hospital's attempt to spread the word of healthier living throughout the community.
"For many of us, the challenges of daily living, the financial challenges, the mental and physical challenges that people face in the Chippewa Valley are what's really on the top of the mind. So, this assessment is going to take that into consideration," said Becky Schultz, director of organizational learning and development at Sacred Heart Hospital.
The center currently has several programs that focuses on a wide range of wellness for the body, mind, and spirit.
"Everything from biometrics, which helps people take at their physical health to spiritual health offerings."
Sacred Heart and consulting firm, J.F.K. Associates, will meet with local businesses to identify ways to improve health and wellness in the work place and a way to keep health costs down.
"Theoretically if we're healthy, we make fewer trips to the doctor. And for the longer term, that lowers the health care costs for us," said Tom Huffcut, human resources administrator at Chippewa Valley Technical College.
It is the long-term that is the focus of this short-term study. The report from the findings is scheduled to be released in April.