Human Remains Found In Clark County

Clark County authorities who have been searching for a missing pregnant woman report investigators have found what appear to be human remains.

But the Clark County Sheriff's Department is releasing no other details, except that the items were taken to the state crime laboratory for analysis and identification. In a news release, the department says it doesn't know how long that process will take.

Residents living near the area where Christine diseappeared say there has been a lot of activity along Rogers Creek Avenue. They say authorities have been there at least three times in the last week.

The hunt for 21-year-old Christine Rudy of Thorp has continued since she was reported missing last month. Her husband says he last saw her the afternoon of November 12th when he left her along a road in a forest about 12 miles from their home at her request after they were arguing.

The couple had married in August, and she was six months pregnant at the time