Bringing the Community Together For Local Children

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There are many early childhood services in Eau Claire but they all have different ideas about how kids should prepare for their first year of school. Now, a nationally recognized movement for early childhood has come to Eau Claire to develop a new community vision for local children.
Success By 6 is a community initiative addressing the importance of the first six years of a child's life. That's what organizers of this event hope to see in the near future.
A child's first six years of life is believed to be the most important factor in success in both school and the workforce.
This includes community involvement as well.
Angie Mothes of the Eau Claire United Way said it?s a initiative to make one vision in the community to help local children.
"We hope to really analyze what are the gaps and services for early childhood in our community right now, what are the overlapping services, how can we best use resources..."
The initiative isn't up and running yet because it needs community members as well as their ideas.
"What it is in each community is different,? Carol Olson, President of the Eau Claire School District said, ??what we're hoping to do is get people together to decide what we want our SB6 to look like..."
The Success By 6 initiative is, however, not a program or agency providing early childhood services but instead a collaboration of community agencies finding a similar vision to ensure the success of Eau Claire children.
Mothes said United Way does not implement any programming and will leave that to the participating agencies.
The United Way is encouraging community members and agencies to participate in the initiative to make this become a permanent community vision.
Mothes said the next step after this meeting is to gather the community together and develop a community vision.
The meeting is scheduled for January. There is no specific date yet set, but the united way said it will publicize the information.