Winter Tourism Ads to Debut This Month

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The beats and the action-packed video that make up the tourism department's new television ads are designed to appeal to the people officials want in-state this winter.

"Younger, more action based demographic," said Linda Adler, Executive Director of the Chippewa Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"There's a lot of competition for tourism dollars, regardless of the season, so we need to be out there inviting people."

Tourism officials aren't just catering to snowmobilers and skiiers anymore. It seems like there's no guarantee on a thick blanket of snow-even in Northern Wisconsin. So, they're suggesting things like visiting an indoor waterpark or casino...even bird-watching.

"We can't be 100% dependent on snow, because if it doesn't come, then people don't come."

"It makes sense all right, but I guess the reality is that most bird watchers go out of Wisconsin to warmer climates," said Dr. Charles Kemper of the Chippewa Wildlife Society.

'Snowbirds,' if you will.

The hope within the tourism department is there will be enough winter birds that stay in state to attract the kind of people suffering from the 'Empty Nest' syndrome.

"You'd be amazed at the variety of sites for watching different species of birds and tracking them," Adler said. "People are really into it."

When bird's the word on a state-wide level, neither the reason or the season matters in the bird-watching community.

"It's the first step to appreciating something is to know what it is," Dr. Kemper said.

"It's really a hot growing trend in tourism," said Adler

One state leaders think will pay dividends during Wisconsin's fastest growing tourism season.