Gift Return Policies

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Almost everyone has that one, difficult person on their Christmas list.
"I'm not easy to buy for, "said Barb Parenteau.
The quest to find the fitting gift for that special someone can be difficult at times, and just when you thought you found it, something like this happens.
"A couple of years ago, I got duplicates of a Christmas present and I didn't want two electric toothbrushes" said Parenteau.
Leaders of the National Retail Federation estimate between 4 to 6 percent of gifts are returned during the holiday season. Return policies at stores vary, but are for the most part getting stricter. Many stores have implemented a computer database that is operated by the return exchange which tracks customers' returns.
If you're going to return a holiday gift this season, make sure you have the receipt. If you don't, then be prepared to show a valid ID. But there are exceptions.
"We have a look up function at the register that we can swipe a credit card or swipe a blank copy of a check and if something was purchased, an item was purchased on that account, we can verify it that way," said Kathy Sibbers, store manager of K-Mart.
Store managers say they're just trying to discourage return fraud, which federal officials say accounts for 50 billion dollars in losses annually.
Before the shopping mission is complete make sure to know the store's written return policy. Some stores may have restocking fees, shortened return periods, or may not even grant a refund.
Also know that having the receipt also ensures reimbursement of what was paid for the product.