Beware of Frostbite

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Temperatures are falling below zero and are staying below normal, making frostbite a natural concern.
Most importantly for those who have to spend large amounts of time in the outdoors, but it still can be dangerous for those outside for brief periods of time.
Doctor Wolf Schynoll of Sacred Heart Hospital says people who think they may be getting frostbite should seek medical help.
"If your skin gets red, burning and stinging and then starts to go numb, you want to take some action," Dr. Schynoll said.
The easiest thing to prevent frostbite is to cover your skin and wearing clothes that keep from getting wet.
Exposed and wet skin are the most susceptible areas to frostbite.
Doctor Schynoll adds that cold temperatures make frost bite a possibility, but it gets worse once it reaches a certain temperature.
"When it drops below ten degrees you are definitely in the zone for frost bite," Dr. Schynoll said.
The effects of frost bite are not pretty from heavy blistering, to black or swollen skin.
And once again the best way to prevent frostbite is by covering up.