Favre Says Cold Weather Numbs Throwing Hand

With Brett Favre only two interceptions shy of his dubious career high of 24, a resurgent running game might take the pressure off his throwing arm.

Favre says he still plays the game the way he's always played it, but Samkon Gado's 171-yard rushing performance let Favre lay off risky throws more than he has this season. Favre says the team's running success means the Packers don't have to be a gambling offensive team.

The Packers Q-B finished 21-of-31 for 170 yards.

Favre also admits that his throwing hand was bothering him toward the end of Sunday's game and will probably continue to nag him in the team's last three games. But he says playing in the cold is a plus because it numbs the pain while the game is in progress.