Wisconsin Hospitals Said To Be Prepared In Event Of Terrorism Attack

State and hospital officials say Wisconsin is more prepared for a health emergency than a new report suggests.

A Washington DC nonprofit health advocacy group puts Wisconsin in the middle of states when it comes to its preparedness for a major disease outbreak or bioterrorism attack.

The Trust for America's Health says the state has plenty of labs and places to treat patients should something happen -- but Wisconsin doesn't have a computerized disease-tracking system and enough ventilators.

But, state health deputy administrator Herb Bostrom says Wisconsin exceeds standards in some areas not measured in the report -- including hospital isolation rooms.

Bostrom says the state expects to have a computerized disease reporting system within a year. And he says more warehouses are being identified so the state can stockpile drugs and vaccines.

University Hospital disease specialist Doctor Dennis Maki says state hospitals have infection control professionals on call, contrary to what the report suggests