State Committee to Discuss UW Eau Claire's Bible Study Policy

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Today in Madison, a state legislative committee will hold a hearing to gather more information about the ongoing Bible study policy at UW Eau Claire.
Resident Assistant Lance Steiger is expected to speak at the hearing.
Steiger received a letter regarding his Bible studies this fall.
UW System President Kevin Reilly will also make a statement.
He started a university committee to look into the legalities of the policies.
But, despite the new committee, State Representative Rob Kreibich still wants the legislature to look into it.
"Some are afraid the universities will come back in two or three months with a written version of Eau Claire's policy and I think that will rekindle the fires even more," Kreibich says.
The Freedom from Religion Foundation plans on protesting the hearing because only invited guests will be allowed to speak. The group says that's not a public hearing.