Marine Sgt. Andrew Stevens Funeral Scheduled

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The funeral service for Marine Sgt. Andrew Stevens is scheduled for Thursday in Menomonie, with a private service tomorrow in Tomah. Stevens was one of ten marines killed near Fallujah earlier this month.

One family member is speaking out against the war that killed his nephew. Duane Kuester put a sign in his front yard with the date Sgt. Stevens was killed and questioning

"Our family member dies in Iraq. When will this war end? Will countries ever get along?"

The sign is part of Kuester's grief process, which he says has created more questions than answers.

"I'm backing the marines and our position over there 100%. I just don't know how long it's going to last," says Kuester. "Will it be another Vietnam? How long with they drag this thing out? Politics can sometimes drag things out farther than it needs to be."

Kuester describes his nephew as someone who always wanted to be a soldier, joining the marines out of high school.

He also says Sgt. Stevens had signed on for another four year term within the past month to continue his service.