Reilly: Committee to Reccomend Common Sense Solution by January 9

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The President of the UW-System says he's assigned a committee to come up with a common sense solution to the issue of the place of bible study groups in campus dorms.

Kevin Reilly made his first public remarks during a hearing at the capitol building since a UW-Eau Claire student filed a lawsuit against the school and the Board of Regents.

During Reilly's testimony, he told lawmakers that the committee will make a reccomendation on the matter by January 9th.

This all came about after school leaders learned that senior lance Steiger was holding hour-long weekly bible study meetings, and told him to stop, citing a school policy he felt was vague.

During the hearing, Steiger talked about how the meetings were voluntary, and that he's only talked with students about them if they brought it up first.
He says he hopes the lawsuit results in the abolishment of the school policy in question. Right now, it's just been suspended.
In money, he's only looking for a dollar in compensation.

"It's common sense that people should be able to meet on their own time, so I was happy to hear that," Steiger said.

"We want to get the system wide policy done in a quick way that's thoughtful and respects the core constitutional issues this issue is based upon," UW-System President Kevin Reilly said.

Assemblyman Rob Kreibich, who is the chair of the committee that held the hearing, says he's optimistic at this point. If a concencus doesn't come out of this, and Reilly won't do anything about it, Kreibich says the state legislature will be ready to take their own action.