Bush's Series of State of Iraq Speeches

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As Iraqi citizens await the results of their election, President Bush has wrapped up a series of speeches about why the U.S. is in Iraq. At the Woodrow Wilson Center Wednesday, the president admitted what turned out to be faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction lead to the decision to go to war.

But political analyst John Frank says the focus should instead, be on the reasons the president gave for remaining overseas: democracy, peace and prosperity. Meeting those goals, like Iraqi election, could signal future troop reduction.

"We are not long term people," says Frank. "We are short term people. We are forever economically, politically, personally concentrating on the short term and so what this speech does is it sets down a long term goal upon which future short term strategies can be based."

Frank believes historians will look back on Wednesday's address as a transitional speech, the premise of a plan for the future exit strategy.