White Elephant

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Now that the holiday presents, the boxes and the wrapping have been dealt with, what to do with those presents that remain unopened...and are destined to stay that way.
But one person's potential return is another person's potential reward.
Right before the holiday season, stores are jammed packed with people trying to buy that perfect gift for their loved ones...
It?s after Christmas, though, that people will end up with gifts they already have or don't want sometimes called white elephants.
Instead of throwing away unwanted Christmas gifts bring them to a local charity where places like the Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center can resell them.
Craig Pedersen, Business Manager of the Bargain Center, says he?s already seeing people bring things in.
?We have kind of an upswing, winter is kind of slow for donations but the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy."
Pedersen says if you upgrade indoors keep them in mind.
?A lot of furniture has been coming in like living room suites or people have gotten a new set for a Christmas present,? says Pedersen, ?and they want to do something with their old set so they bring it here.?
Items brought to Hope Gospel will be cleaned, checked and resold and all the profits stay in the Chippewa Valley Hope Gospel Mission and the new Ruth House.
For the toys that get in the way or the duplicate ones parents may have purchased for Christmas...
Pedersen says, ??the best thing is to just bring them here and donate them and we'll put them to good use and someone who really needs it will be able to use them.?
Things you don't need, others might...