Christine Rudy's Death Investigated

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The Clark County Sheriff's Department is investigating what happened to Christine Rudy.

The 21-year-old Thorp woman went missing on November 12 after her husband says the couple argued and he left her alongside a road 12 miles from their home.

Remains found off County Highway MM were identified as Rudy's by the state crime lab last week.

State investigators joined Clark County sheriff detectives when Rudy initially went missing. Now that the missing person investigation has become a criminal one, both agencies are following up with all potential sources of information.

"There are several rumors that have been floating around since the start of this case," says Sheriff Louis Rosandich. "Right now, until all the investigations are in, we can't make any positive determinations."

The sheriff says there are a number of "persons of interest" that are being interviewed, including Christine's husband, Shaun Rudy, currently in the Clark County Jail, charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

"He is in custody, and he is, of course, a person of interest in this case," Rosandich confirmed.

The department is hoping to wrap up investigations and have a report on the district attorney's desk by January at the latest.

"At that time, there'll certainly be a determination as to the possible perpetrator of this very heinous crime was."

With the case only recently becoming a criminal investigation, law enforcement is asking for anyone with any information pertaining to Christine Rudy's death to contact the Sheriff's Department's tip line at 1-800-743-2420.