Sparta Boys and Girls Club Decorate Child Center Cemetary Xmas Tree

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The Wisconsin Child Center was once a fixture in Sparta, years ago.
And thanks to a cemetery honoring children who passed away due to disease and epidemic, it will not be forgotten.
At first it was just numbers on the graves, but 6 years ago a memorial was erected putting names with the numbers.
Today, members of the local boys and girls club along with the woman who made the cemetary memorial possible decorated a Christmas tree in memorium for the children.
Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Sparta wanted to learn about the old Wisconsin Child Center, and what better way than to start than to decorate a Christmas tree at the cemetary where many of the chidren are buried.
"We just wanted to learn about the children that are buried here and thought it would be a lot of fun," Boys and Girls Club member Tina Schallet said.
The Christmas spirit flowed through the group as they placed individual ornaments on the tree followed by circulating Christmas caroling.
"It was nice. I'm glad we did it," Boys and Girls Club member Madaline Schumacher said.
Leading the children was June Laxton...The woman responsible for bringing names to the unnamed children buried in the cemetary who she worked with years ago.
"These kids are just great for helping. It's a great way to remember the children," Laxton said.
The cemetary is the culmination of years of work by Laxton..that will always bring a smile on her face.
"I'm so glad we could make this happen. It's nice to be able to come and have the community remember this," Laxton added.
As long as children like those from the Boys and Girls Club learn about the children and come help at the cemetary, Laxton's legacy will always be remembered.