Dog Rescue

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The three year-old Siberian husky is happy and healthy right now at the Chippewa County Humane Association. Shelter manager Vickie O'Branovich says he does have some sensitivity in the belly area and haunches, but no major lasting damage from being frozen to the track.

A motorist running errands saw the dog and, when driving by two hours later, saw the animal in the same place called police.

Chippewa Falls Officer Tim Strand, along with an animal control officer, approached the dog, who couldn't move, but the two didn't realize why until they tried to move him.
"He was very cold and shivering," says Strand. "You could tell when you came up to him that he was really freezing. It was really cold that day with the wind chills and everything, I believe it got to ten below that night."

Officer Strand says the dog's tail was frozen through the slats on the bridge, and carefully, the two were able to free the animal. He was brought to the Humane Association where they worked to warm the dog and dry him off.

The dog, who has been nicknamed "ice train" by shelter workers, will be held until next week to give his owners a chance to claim him. Other wise he will be up for adoption.

O'Branovich says she's never seen a story like this, and reminds people that every stray has a unique story, but they all need homes.