Wisconsin's "Website Of Shame" Ready To Go

The state revenue department has notified 7,000 people and businesses that they'll soon find their names posted on a tax deadbeat Web site.

Wisconsin will soon launch its "Web site of shame," listing those who owe the state at least $25,000 in unpaid sales, income, excise or corporate franchise taxes.

The site goes on line January 3rd. At least 18 other states have similar delinquent taxpayer sites -- or plan to.

The state hopes to collect one and a-half million dollars a year by posting the names. Even the threat of posting names has already been effective. At least 21 corporations and 88 individuals have arranged to pay debts totaling about eight million dollars.

Nearly 6,000 people and 1,300 corporations could be posted when the site goes online. Together they owe 578 million dollars in unpaid taxes.

The "shame" site proposal came from Representative Frank Lasee of Bellevue