Hurricane Katrina Survivors Hope to Call Chippewa Falls Home

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"The home in New Orleans? There isn't one. We don't have one. We don't have anything except what we have here," said Kristi Thomas.
That's how the Thomas family feels knowing their home was destroyed when hurricane Katrina made landfall. They say they're not going back.
"Why don't you come back? No, no, so the same thing can happen next year? I don't think so. Next year it might be worse. We might not get out. I mean I'd rather deal with the snow," said Jeff Thomas.
But that doesn't mean they don't miss Covington, Louisiana.
"I miss my home. Don't get me wrong. I miss it. There's nothing left I can do about it."
After hurricane Katrina hit Covington, the Thomas' had nothing left. They were only able to get out when Jeff found a cell phone.
"I said, well I hope it works and it did. I used it when I was done put it back on the ground and walked off."
Jeff made a call to his father who flew them to Texas and from there they came to Wisconsin. Right now, the Thomas' are staying at a local motel hoping to find a house in Chippewa Falls soon. And even though they're spending Christmas with a nearby family, this year's holiday just isn't the same.
"I'm not really into it this year. There's too much on my shoulders."
Kristi and Jeff's 4-year old daughter is unable to be with them for Christmas, she's in South Carolina with family, but she will soon be reunited with Kristi, Jeff, and Jeremy after the start of the New Year.
All the Thomas' really need now is a place to officially call home.
A fund for the Thomas' has been set up. Donations are accepted at 715-720-1414.