Hannukah Beginning on December 25 Just a Coincidence

At least one rabbi admits having the first night of the eight on a weekend makes it easier to celebrate, though it has no connection with Christmas.

Crispin and Becky Pierce are celebrating a miraculous light that lasted for eight nights during ancient times in Eau Claire this week.

While Crispin isn't Jewish, he considers Hannukah traditions to be rich, and wants his daughter Avala to maintain her Jewish identity, though some of her friends will, no doubt, celebrate in their own way.

"I know how hard that is, how insidious," Becky said, "And I hope she takes some comfort in knowing we do have our own traditions."

"We celebrate some of what I grew up with: a secular Christmas," said Crispin.

"It's clear to our daughter that we celebrate Christmas with other people outside of our house because we have a Jewish house."

Jewish holidays like Hannukah are set to a lunar calendar, and never fall on the same date in consecutive years.